There is an old song by Johnny Mercer that has a great lesson in it:

You’ve got to accentuate the positive

Eliminate the negative

Latch on to the affirmative

Don’t mess with Mister In-Between

There are a lot of benefits to having a positive attitude in all areas of your life. Positive people see opportunities in situations that seem hopeless to others, and they believe that it is better to try to solve a problem and fail than to simply not try at all and automatically fail.

So it’s no surprise that employers prefer to hire positive people. Think about it: if you were to choose a prospective employee, would you pick the one who tries to find solutions to difficult problems, who believes in your projects and encourages everyone to work together as a team and who sees your feedback as a great way to improve? Or would you pick the person who gives up when faced with a demanding task, who gives off a negative attitude when working with other team members, and who gets upset when you try to tell them how to improve? There’s no doubt you would want the positive candidate.

Here are some ideas to help you become more positive:
– When you arrive at school or work, focus on the things you are able to accomplish rather than the things you don’t want to do.
– When you are faced with a problem, look for ways to figure it out rather than automatically giving up.
– Don’t get upset when your suggestions aren’t accepted. Instead, try to contribute to making whatever is being done work better.

Staying positive will help you accomplish your career goals and make the road to success much more enjoyable. For more tips and suggestions on Positive Attitudes and how to succeed at getting a job, see A Guide to Career Success: How to Get and Keep a Job.